Permata Resources, Inc. is one of the key players in the field of consulting and advisory services in the Philippines; bridging gaps between the government regulatory agencies and investors, both local and international.

The company is well-versed on the government's latest issuances, policies and procedures; which it utilizes to advise clients so they can generate well-informed decisions.

It is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Republic of the Philippines to provide technical services to any agency, entity or organization or company and to establish management systems, conduct environmental impact assessment including social impact assessment and the preparation of reports, plans and programs as a result thereof. It also includes the preparation, with the assistance of experts, of mine rehabilitation plan, community development plans and development plans for local government units such as but not limited to the land use plan. Conducts training or capacity building on management systems and development planning   and any other related activities, which in the judgment of the Board of Directors, may be conveniently conducted.

The company was only established in 2014 but the incorporators and experts were, in any way, involved in consulting, development planning, program preparations, risk assessment training and auditing for an average of ten (10) years.

  • Setting up of quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management systems                
  • Conducts Training/Workshop or capacity building for ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and ISO50001 standards
  • Internal audits for ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and ISO50001 and legal compliance audits for ISO14001, OHSAS18001
  • Gap analysis for ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and ISO50001
  • Conduct of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and preparation of the EIA report as a requisite in the issuance of an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC);
  • Conduct of Social Impact Assessment (SIA);
  • Conduct of Risk Assessment;
  • Preparation of Emergency Response Plan;
  • Preparation of Traffic Management Plan;
  • Conduct of Third Party Environmental and Safety and Health Audit;
  • Conduct of air and water monitoring using the Philippine DENR Standards;
  • Development and preparation of Land Use Plan;
  • Development and preparation of a Feasibility Study;
  • Preparation of Ore Resource Report;
  • Development and preparation of Quarry and Mining Plan;
  • Conduct of Slope Stability and Geotechnical Study;
  • Preparation of mandatory requirements and technical assistance in securing and renewal of mining permits/production sharing agreements;
  • Development and preparation of Final Mine Rehabilitation and/or Decommissioning Plan (FMRDP).
  • Development and preparation of the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program (EPEP).
  • Development and preparation of the Social Development and Management Plan (SDMP)
  • Development and preparation of the Safety & Health Program (SHP); and
  • Conduct of actual mined land rehabilitation.